Car boot salvation

So, you know it so well

You open the boot at the shops and…

Whoops. Turns out your shopping bags have been having a bit of a rave and now you cant find anything in there although you think if you dig deep enough, you might just find the entrance to Narnia


OK, I confess, I am a scruff, disorganised, have way too many shopping bags and even 2 weeks into a new car, boot armageddon.


Well….I have found a solution! And it didn’t cost the earth (or what’s left of my sanity 😂)



Utter bargain and took less time to put in than it did to organise all my damn bags 😂


Stretchy and simple, this cargo net hooks round the back headrests and clips onto the rings on the floor of your boot, like this

Easy as pie! And as it’s stretchy, it should even fit Nikkis mini bus

And the results?



Yep, for once I can actually find stuff in there AND I have space for MORE shopping 😂



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