Emma only watches Netflix….. Part 2

Emma only watches Netflix, so why is she paying for a Virgin Media Package with a Phone line connected ???

Emma asked herself that question when she saw her bank statement and decide to take action ….

Here’s part 1…. https://supersavingmums.com/emma-only-watches-netflix/


Fast Forward a couple of Days ……

Guess who got a call from TV licensing today. So I answer the phone and say hello, I don’t recognise the number so it kinda caught me off guard I’m in the middle of sorting my garden and I’m up to my elbows in grass, mud and power cleaner and the guy at the other end says “Hi its (let’s say his names Paul)  I cant remember it’s been manic here this afternoon So Paul says “Hi its Paul from TV licensing”   … and all of a sudden the reality of cancelling my TV licence has kicked in I know in my heart I haven’t broken any laws,  I don’t even have access to any TV channels and don’t own a radio but somehow I feel like I’m going to be in prison by the end of the day and my kids are going to be motherless,  so I casually say hi back and he continues with ……… “I’m just calling because it has flagged up on our system that you have cancelled your direct debit of £12.99 a month” and I say yes that’s correct and he continues with; ” can I just ask why that is ?” I said yes its because I don’t watch TV at all so feel its unnecessary to pay the licence He says: “that’s fine Ms Millband but theres just a few things I have to clarify” and now I think shit I’m in trouble “Just to clarify you don’t watch TV, download any programs from the BBC, don’t live stream any live tv and don’t watch BBC I player?” I said  that’s right , he says ; ” how long do you think this will be for?”  I said well tbh I haven’t watched TV that long that I have cancelled my TV package with virgin media and all I have now is the internet because all we watch is Netflix he said “ok that’s great but just to let you know if you do get found out to be watching anything in which I have mentioned previously then you can be prosecuted and fined upto £1000 “ I said that’s fine He said “by the way you’ve paid 6 months in front so we’ll be putting £63 back in your account within the next 5 working days and we’ll call you again in 2 years to make sure your situation is the same is that ok? “   Me: that’s absolutely great thanks for calling

I was literally on the phone no longer than 4 minutes I told the absolute truth and jobs a good ‘un

Just to be perfectly clear Super Saving Mums does not recommend you stop paying your TV licence without checking your position first,  If you are unsure of the requirements and think you need to cancel your TV licence please phone the TV licence first to ask them all you need to know. 


I didn’t so thats a nice saving over the year !


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