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Its been a while since I really looked at my bank statement, but after a conversation about the cost of living,              I decided to make time to sit and look at it and see if I could shave off some ££s

 When I originally took out a media package with Virgin It included TV and Phone, on a special deal price of £29 a month, during the contract the box had broken and the phone was never used, or even plugged in for that matter, Looking at my statements I had missed the date the 12 months had ended and the bill had jumped up to £51.99, This was nearly double,  So I rung them up and started the usual to and fro of getting a better price, I expressed my frustrations of how this wastes everyones time, cos they won’t offer me what they offer a brand new customer, and then I will cancel and then they will call me up and I’ll get a deal, but why not cut out all that !? 

I cancelled my DD for Virgin and the TV licence…….I knew I could find a cheaper internet package that what I was paying but was feeling rather brave with the TV licence and later started to question myself

Then…Virgin media called me yesterday after my little rant to them about the increase in price since my contract and discounts ran out making my package go from £29.00 a month to £51.99

This is how the conversation went ;

James from Virgin:    Hey Ms Millband its James from Virgin and I’d just like to go over a few of the details with you so we can continue the cancellation of your virgin package                                                                                      Me:    Hey James we both know that’s not why you’ve called –  you’ve called because you want me to stay with virgin media and don’t want me to move to anyone else
James:     ha ha yes you are right Ms Millband
Me:    well James I’ll be honest with you I don’t want to move because quite frankly virgin has the best internet there is but I also haven’t got time to keep ringing up to try and get my package cheaper as a busy mum of 3 its frankly not at the top of my list of priorities so if I have to move to talk talk for £15 a month and cut my nose of to spite my face then I will
James:     I completely agree but all companies do the same after the 12 months is up the price increases
Me:     well wouldn’t it be fun for virgin media as one of the biggest broadband providers in the world to stand out and be a little bit different for your loyal customers
For example if you asked me if I wanted to pay £20 a month and after 12 months the price trebled or I could pay £30 a month and the price would stay the same for as long as I wanted to stay with virgin media I’d rather pay the £30 and I’d never have to move again, you not only would keep customers for life but you’d also cut the amount of staff you needed answering the phone for people calling up to renew there package every 12 months
James:    that’s actually a pretty good idea Ms Millband
Me:     yes James I know it’s because I’m a mum of 3 and I have to be smarter than my kids
James:    how about I offer you a package for £17 a month with nothing to pay till August 2019
Me:     how about you offer me the £17 package with nothing to pay till Aug 2019 and my first bill in September only been £12.50 for the inconvenience of having to be on the phone for an hour at my kids bath time
James:    sounds like a deal to me

End deal was
12 months contract, the deals don’t run out for 18months so I have an extra 6 months too cancel before the contract runs out, no bill to pay until August and September’s bill only £12.50 then £17 a month until September 2020 
This is an internet package only no TV package or phone line and this is where the TV licence falls into place because now I have proof that I don’t have access to any TV channels, no TV aerial to access any TV chanels I only watch
Amazon Prime TV
Disney life for the kids

Now just waiting for a call from the TV licensing 😱😱


To Be Continued……….






  1. I am so happy after talking to emma i never noticed what i was paying for virgin i rung them and saved 35 pound a month. I am.so happy i wouldnt have noticed how much i was spending if i never saw this post

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