FREE Kindle Books (or very cheap)

I said free again didnt I? Yup, that’s right. You can get free kindle books (or seriously cheap) in time for the summer holidays


summer holiday books


We say books, what we mean is ebooks. Free or cheap kindle books to be exact


Did you know that authors will give away their books, or heavily discount them? It’s a sneaky way to get themselves up the kindle charts or to get reviews. Sneaky yeah, but it means we can get free kindle books!

Now there’s a great site that I’ve used for months called read freely that has a stack of these offers on. What’s more, if you give them the types of books you like to read, you can also get these deals sent to your email everyday!

What better way to stock up for the holidays?!

How about unlimited?

Another option is amazon Kindle Unlimited. This allows you access to over 1million titles. Usually this is £7.99, but as part of Amazon Prime Day, you can get it for FREE for 3 months, just in time for the summer holidays

Grab Kindle Unlimited for free here

Our very own Nikki has co authored a book which is covered by Kindle Unlimited here


How can you read them?

You can use your phone although I personally prefer a larger screen, but If you dont have a kindle or e-reader? Well, although Amazon Prime day starts tomorrow, there are actually some deals live NOW including these two great kindle deals! Be quick, these always sell out fast



Make sure you are logged into your Amazon Prime to see the special member prices! If you havent read our Amazon Prime day guide, and how to get access to it for FREE if you arent a Prime member already, you can find it here


Which free kindle books would you love to read? Which do you think we need to read? Romance, true crime? Bit of scifi? Let us know! The Super Saving Mums love a good book recomendation!


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