FREE Snack Boxes

Did someone say free snack boxes?

why yes. It was me

Graze Box

Tasty snacks that feel like they should be much naughtier than they are

Looking for tasty, healthier snacks? Use my #rewardcode to unlock your 1st, 5th and 10th snack boxes for free!

Choose from Variety, Lighter or Protein boxes. Weekly or Fortnightly

I love recieving these through the letter box, I have a sweet tooth and love cake.

These are calorie counted and much healthier than just grabbing something on the go.

I love the lemon and poppy seed cake, carrot cake, lemon flapjack, Belgian choc speculous and the superfood mixes.

Each box contains 4 individual servings and you can give the thumbs down to the stuff you don’t like.

You can cancel at anytime.

The website has a reward section you can order extra bits from too

*On our travels we find lots of goodies on offer and we will share them here.
These are things we have tried and love ourselves. We have to make it very clear though, if you click these links we may recieve some kind of reward *

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