Summer Holiday Garden Beach Party

It’s (finally) looking like the summer holidays and the kids want to go on expensive day trips to the beach. EEK! So how do your summer holiday like a Super Saver? With these clever bargains that can turn any garden into a beach party destination!

First of all, everyone needs to cool down and what better way than with this amazing pool by Bestway! Big enough for even the longest of school holidays



Very tempted by this one myself although I think this will be a massive hit with the kids way before I could get my lilo in there


If space is an issue or you have smaller kids, why not check out this smaller pool. Easy to move and store, this can go up and down more than your patience over the holidays


or even one of these amazing spray mats


Lots of fun without having to empty the pool later . After a day in the garden, emptying the pool can be the last thing on your mind so this is a sapce and time saver

You cant have a garden beach party without sandcastles! This gorgeous turtle pit is a bargain and comes complete with a cover for when it’s not in use. And the kids canĀ  make castles all summer long without having to go on all those day trips



Just don’t forget the sand!

Of course every garden paradise needs a place to soak up the sun, and I just love this pair of gravity loungers. Yes, I really do have these and we have fallen asleep in them more than once. Super comfy. Just close your eyes and you could be on a tropical beach…but in your back garden. During the school summer holidays

Finally, we need the food and drink, what better than a nice BBQ with ice cold drinks?


I just love this shiny stainless steel one. It even has an extra 10% off if you use the voucher!!


This gorgeous drinks bucket will not only keep your drinks cool, but it will save you from going back and forth to the fridge. Cant interupt valuable garden time now can we?



What else does the ultimate garden beach party need? Let us know! We’d love to hear about your summer holiday must haves


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