How to Keep Your House Cool

Flipping nora, it’s scorcio! So how do you keep your cool during the summer months and extra hor spells, without breaking the bank? Well, The Super Saving Mums are here to share our tips on how to keep your house cool


Keep your blinds and curtains closed

Believe it or not, as much as 30% of unwanted heat, will come through your windows. Keeping the blinds and curtains closed, can drastically reduce the temperature and stop your house becoming a giant greenhouse


Invest in blackout curtains

You have them in the kids rooms, so why not go the extra mile? These not only reduce unwanted heat, they also help you sleep through the very short nights


Be door smart


Close off unused rooms to stop warm air from getting in. Heat rises so odds are your bedrooms will get seriously toasty if you leave the doors open


The fan hack

Who needs aircon? Fill a bowl with ice, place it infront of a fan. As the fan spins and moves air around the room, it scoops up the icy chilled air


Trust me, I am a hormonal woman, this is the dogs


Sort your sheets

Ditch the fleece and flannel and swap to cotton. It insulates less and breathes more. And the duvet? Nope, empty duvet case. (You cant sleep uncovered, everyone knows that’s when monsters grab your toes)


Focus on your temperature, not the building


Spend the day sipping ice cold drinks (you deserve it) or use a chilled cloth on pulse points like the wrists and neck. Wear loose fitting clothes that breathe. Oh and no spooning til the autumn! Sharing body heat is a terrible idea in this weather


Use your extractor fans

Not just for clearing the kitchen and bathroom of steam and smells, these underated saviours can suck out the hot air!


Dont cook!


Even the best oven will add excess heat to your kitchen, so swap to quick, easy, and cold meals.  Or even light the bbq, keep the heat outside! We love wraps in this house. Perfect for a hot summers day.


Infact, have a garden beach party


Get the pool out and sit and soak. Trust me, you’ll cool down in seconds!


(why not read our summer garden beach party guide here )


Cool your bed


You use a hot water bottle in the winter, so why not a cold one in summer?! Simply fill a water bottle, freeze it during the day and bob it into your bed before you go up. Cooling and slightly dampening the sheets, this little hack will help you to ‘chill out’


Sleep low


Heat rises, so if your room is still way too hot, head downstairs and camp on the sofa.


Night breezes

While keeping windows and blinds closed during the day  to keep the heat out is advised, opening them again before bed can make a huge difference. Night air is often cooler, so opening windows and allowing a breeze to run throught the house, should help cool things down


Swap to your bulbs


Traditional bulbs get hot, infact 90% of the engery they use, is lost as heat. Swapping to compact fluoescent bulbs will not only reduce your energy bills, and reduce heat in the home, using less energy is more environmentally freindly


How do you kee your house cool in the summer? Do you have any amazing cooling tips and hacks to share? We’d love to hear them





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