Kettle Conspiracy Theory

Do we think kettle companies are in cahoots with electric companies??

Who has a meter that shows you how much electric you’re using while its on??

Flick the kettle on let it boil and take a pic of how much it costs.

Why do kettles always boil longer than necessary??

If you’re in the kitchen and see your kettle bubbling already but it still hasn’t flicked off,

flick it off it’s as boiled as it’s going to get and will save you money aswell as extend the life of your kettle

Check out how much you save next time you’re boling the kettle

Talking about extending the life of your kettle how often do you descale yours ?
Because a descaled kettle will boil quicker too

And we can recommend a fabulous descaler but does the job right the first time and because it comes in a bottle rather than sachets there’s a lot less waste 

You can buy this here :

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