Oh My !! It’s Massive !

Ha ha, made you look

Managed to get a double shop in this week for the school holidays, next week as I refuse to do a food shop with 3 kids in tow  How the feck is it half term again already ?? Weren’t they only off two weeks ago

So this week’s shopping came to £85 and a few pence which all most made me gip as the cashier said the cost (seems alot in 1 go) but it is for 2 weeks plus stuck a couple of birthday presents on there too (birthdays not til june) but if I do a bit each week it doesn’t feel as much when the sprogs birthdays do come round 😉

I’ve started swapping between Lidl and Aldi each week because I like to check out the bargain baskets in each one and find if I go to a different one each week they’ve time to get new stock in before I go back.

This week was Lidl & I was pleasantly impressed with the gluten free section today and I had a quick scan through at a few of the items ingredients and looked as though it was all soya free too which is fantastic for Nikkis little boy Logan (make sure you check all the ingredients yourself though) don’t want to be responsible for someone going into anaphylactic shock just on my say so 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Lidl Free From Section

Also they have some 7.5kg bags of spuds for £3.29 which is awesome  for any family and you guys know we love home made chips and Shepherds pie in this house 

lidl huge sack of spuds


oh and BTW Nikki the rice was cheaper at Lidl by 10p and the cooking time was only 10mins according to the packaging so a money and time saver all round.


When you refuse to use carrier bags getting the shopping from the trolley to the car, from the car to the doorstep and then from the doorstep to the kitchen and all put away that’s a workout in itself
I save a fortune In gym membership and clocked up almost an extra thousand steps 

Boot Full
Door Step Fresh








I know its Valentine’s Day but what did you think this blog was about ?? lol


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