Out With The Old ….. Decluttering Day 6 !

Day 6

Almost there, stay with us ! We never said it would be easy, but it IS WORTH IT !!

Today we tackle The Bedroom

This is a big task I know! So I’m going to make this as painless as possible but you must repeat this task until each room is clutter free.

A bedroom is a place to relax and recharge and for most a place of love.

How on earth can you possible sleep well and refresh your body and mind if you are surrounded by clutter?

You can’t! And if you think you can then your are kidding yourself!

So if we can’t recharge properly neither can the kids

Now I know keeping kids rooms tidy can be like pulling teeth – painful, but it is worth it for the whole family.

Spend 30 minutes per bedroom

1. Change/make the bed (make it everyday don’t just leave it in a heap)
2. Remove all rubbish and recycle
3. Open the wardrobe and remove 5 items that are no longer wearable/don’t fit/don’t like and donate or bin.
4. If you have clothes/shoes/bags that you have barely used or are brand new then sell them and add to your January kitty.
5. Dust and hoover/brush and clean any mirrors
6. Remove any dirty washing and out away clean washing/ironed clothes

* kids rooms*
7. Tidy away any books and toys or bin broken/ruined ones
8. Check under the bed for odd socks and such

So yes it’s a big task but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. 3 or 4 bedrooms can be tackled in 2 hours and then revisit next week to complete the clear out.
This is a great opportunity to sell on good wearable items and will have a massive boost to your sleep quality.

Create yourself a haven


Let me know when you are done and what you found you forgot you had.



Original post inspiration from Chelle @ Facebook.com/groups/soulvibrationuk










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