Shark Vacuum Review doo doo do do doo

I didn’t used to be a clean freak. Then again I didn’t always have 4 cats and 3 teenagers…those things make a MESS. So when my old vac just wasn’t getting the fur and snacks out of the carpets, I needed to do something

Now Nikki is a big one for Cleaning, and she recommended a Shark. I thought, YES, if I feed the kids to Jaws, the house would be way cleaner…


Turns out she meant the vacuum cleaner….


So here it is


And the biggest point of the Shark Upright Duoclean Vacuum cleaner is that it’s light. 6.5kgs all in…but being a clever bit of kit, it gets lighter….


So first  things first, this Shark vacuum sucks, like really sucks, I had to empty the canister 5 times the first run round my living room, which was equally amazing and horrific 😂😂. Good job emptying it is as simple as a couple of clicks, with two little lift up buttons on the side if the lift away section

Did I just say lift away? Yes. Yes I did. This was a huge selling point for me, I can take the powered unit and dust canister off the wheels which means I have must halved the weight and can easily tackle the stairs, random weird spaces, the car, the list goes on, all with amazing suction. It migth become a baby Shark vacuum, but the results are equally impressive

shark vacuum lift away


And the tools? Depending on which Shark model you go for, theres a huge selection of little add ons. I have the pet head which is amazing on the stairs and this great little nozzle that also doubles as the mini brush head. Genius. And if you decide you need more tools, there’s loads you can grab to expand your model

Shark vacuum tools

Shark vacuum toolsShark vacuum tools


And it’s quiet. Soo so quiet. Like you can have an actual conversation while it’s running, because you shout far too much already when you have kids.


But you know what is a great addition to this brilliant Shark Duoclean Upright Vacuum? THE HEADLIGHTS

Shark vacuum lights

Yep, it has headlights, all the better to see the crumbs the kids dropped while texting and eating snacks on the stairs…or while sliding the main hoover head under the coffee table, yup, it’s slinky and slides right under


So yes, just call me Mummy Shark (doo doo doo do do doo) because I am a full convert. If you are looking to replace your vacuum cleaner, you really need to look at one of these guys

Kate’s shark duoclean upright vacuum ⬇️⬇️⬇️




Now do excuse me, I have some vacumming to do…



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